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Meet Our Team


Christina Gottschall
Christina Gottschall

Rider Coordinator and President of Windsong

Christina became a certified therapeutic riding instructor in 1999. She has her undergraduate from Kansas State University in Animal Science and a Masters in Natural and Applied Science with an emphasis in Equine Reproduction and In Vitro Fertilization from Southwest Missouri State University doing her research at the Henry Doorly Zoo. As a grad student, she taught classes in beginning horseback riding, introduction to horses, and taught sections of seminars dealing with Equine Reproduction and management. She currently works at Methodist Hospital as an Embryologist Specialist and is the rider contact person for Windsong.

Michelle Rohman

PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Michelle has been riding horses since she was 4 years old, receiving her first pony for her 5th birthday. Through embracing educational opportunities with nationally respected clinicians and instructors, she has competed successfully in dressage ever since. She has been training and showing her current dressage horse since 2010.  She became involved with Windsong in the fall of 2014, and starting teaching students in the spring of 2015.  Michelle is currently a Biological Sciences major at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, with a double minor in Psychology and Communication. She plans to pursue an advanced degree in Occupational Therapy after graduating in 2019.


Windsong Equitherapy
Jack Grey

American Quarter Horse

Jack Grey is an American Quarter Horse who’s former life was a finished head horse for calf roping. Jack Grey was obtained after our wonderful therapy horse Bandit passed away unexpectedly during the winter. Jack is enjoying his slower way of life and is quickly filling his predecessor’s shoes with the way he takes care of his riders and his easy going personality. Expect to see Jack Grey on our many outings for fundraisers and public appearances!

Windsong Equitherapy

American Quarter Horse

Rascal is a registered Quarter Horse. Rascal came from a working cattle ranch in western Nebraska in 2018 and the very next day was competing with riders at the Special Olympics like a champ! While Rascal sounds like he would be a challenge, he is extremely level headed, easy going, and willing to help the rider in any way he can.

Windsong Equitherapy

Paint Horse

Gunner is a registered Paint Horse. Gunner was donated in 2018 by Josie Nicole in Lincoln. Due to health problems, Josie was no longer able to enjoy Gunner as she wanted and was wanting him to go to us where he would be used and loved on. While Josie comes out when she can to spend time with her guy, Gunner is quickly becoming a barn favorite with his super smooth gaits. Josie did a little bit of everything with Gunner which makes him a great fit for Windsong! Thank you, Josie, for your donation!

Windsong Equitherapy

American Miniature Horse

Tonto is an American Miniature Horse. Tonto is the smallest face of Windsong but has the biggest personality! When Tonto isn’t pulling a cart for our assisted driving program, you can see him at our many fundraisers and public appearances getting into everything and being very obnoxious.

Windsong Equitherapy

American Quarter Horse

Nelly is a registered Quarter Horse. Nelly has successfully shown in Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship and English classes which makes her a great overall fit for our riders! Nelly was donated by Margaret & Randy Harre in memory of their daughter Shanan Keagle who participated in our program when we were known as Dream Catchers. Nelly’s registered name is Nellies Investment.

Artistic Bandileo “Bandit”


American Paint Horse

Bandit was purchased by Christina Gottschall in 2004 after Windsong had passed away so she could continue to give lessons to riders as well as for her own enjoyment.  Bandit quickly showed himself to be very savvy to the needs of the rider being the type of horse that they needed at any time.  If a rider was unsure, he made sure to go slow and steady.  If a rider wanted more speed, he would oblige, but only if he thought they were ready.  Bandit was the go-to horse of the program for public outings that landed him in some interesting situations such as standing on major city streets promoting fundraisers, being videoed while going through a drive-through, and hamming it up for the 6pm news.  Bandit passed away unexpectedly December 1, 2018.  His passing has left a huge hole in the hearts of many in our community and at Windsong.  His love and compassion for the riders he served will never be forgotten.

Board Members


Christina Gottschall

PATH Certified Instructor


Jeff Kappenman


Michelle Rohman

PATH Certified Instructor


Julia Kappenman
Mary Phillips